4th May 2020 Picture Quiz

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Here we have a pic from a Non-Trials and Non-Grass discipline, back when an ACU Western team was entered in Inter-Centre Team Enduros. A good number of selected riders did come from the centre's trials fraternity after the first few years. Can you name the riders below (and team manager)? The tie decider will be if you can add the bikes and models. The photo supplier will definitely be excluded from any attempt!

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Email the Editor with your answers by May 11th.


ANSWERS: From left to right: Alan Reed Yamaha YZ252, Colin Jones Honda XR200, Jackie Jones (team manager), Edward Davis Kawasaki KLX250, Pat Berry Husqvarna 510, Roy Breakwell Honda XR280. Well done to Huw Watkins who got all but one rider right, and most of the bikes. Thank you to everyone who entered.