July 2012 Picture Quiz

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Bob Miles took a few pix at at the BVM control during the ACU National Rally. Who's the driver? And what is the vehicle? Tie breaker is what is the combined age of both vehicle and driver?

Answers came from four eagle eyed contributors and none of them are far wrong. Of course they all knew Western Centre President and former Gazette Editor Trevor Hunt was the man behind the wheel of his BSA 3 wheeler - and Trevor reckons between them they are between 131 and 132 years old.

Roger Brown went for 164 years, Tom Vivian 165, Centre Vice President John Pye 163, and David Eeles 164. As John was closest, he's thw winner. Apologies for missing the deadline by a few months (ahem), the quiz has been at the bottom of the page for a while, and slipped the Editor's mind...