CHG John Draper Trial - Western Centre Championship

Report By: Steve Venn

December 6th 2009 10:30am

It's that time of year again. Langley Hill, Winchcombe, plays host to this traditional end of season centre trial held in memory of the late great John Draper.

As regular centre riders will know the weather plays a big part in the conditions on Langley Hill Farm. It could be frost or snow, wet or very wet, but it's, hopefully, unlikely to be dry. A chance to use big gears, get on the main jet and that's just going between the sections.

A real satisfying sense of achievement to complete this trial and a bonus if you ride well. 3 laps of 13 sections are being planned with 2 routes. The clubman route will be for all grades of rider including Novice, Pre 65 and Twin Shocks and will be fairly straightforward. There will be no sportsman (yellow) route. The standard route will offer a bit more of a challenge if you are up for it or up to it? There will also be a 50/50 route. The loyal gang of Home Guard observers will man all sections.

Entries available on events calendar page.

Secretary is Sammy Wilson 01242 582930. Closing date 3rd December.

Start will be marked from Corner Cupboard Pub off the B4632 in Winchcombe.