G &C Drake Gibb Trial, 23 Jan 2011

Amended results are here - Gareth Rogers rode clubman class.

Video, edited by John Brough (External link to YouTube).

Report: Simon Welch

A quality entry of over 70 turned out for a challenging day near Monmouth.

The land, kindly lent to the club for the day by Sam Wilson, provides great scope for challenging sections and gave riders the opportunity to open the throttle wide open. The experts started the 14 section, three lap trial at section one, where they were eased in gentle, as was new observer and club helper Paul Robinson. The early section did though catch an off guard Matthew Welch with a 5, not the start the centre number 4 wanted on the flash Repsol Montessa.

On down to section 2 where the odd marks were shed over the step, although excitement was building at the chance to attack the new graded hill of section 3. With weather drying a number of experts crested on the opening lap, however some were caught napping, such as Matthew Christopher and promising Welsh star Jake Evans-Luter. Marks were shed through sections 4 -6, however as the experts arrived at section 7 Becky Cook, Shaun Fox and the returning Simon Welch were still clean.

Cook and Fox dabbed and Welch cleaned, however Welch was not to hold his lead long. He soon faltered, shedding marks on 8, as did Fox, which included a tight flick and nip over a rock, where Cook took her time to clean. Becky Cook lost one on 12, to finish the lap with Welch on 1, Cook and Fox on 2. The wheels soon fell of the Welch charge as marks were shed over the remaining laps on 7, 8 and 9, to leave a battle of nerves for the win between Cook and Fox. Both stayed feet up for the rest of the event, giving Beck Cook a well earned, closest of wins on least marks drop furthest.

Ben Toms followed home the leading three with number of tidy cleans, including the roots of 5 and slab of 14, putting marks into other Western Centre challengers, Bendall and Husband who had their own battle going on.

Clubman expert was a true battle of experience, with Tony Cowley, mounted on the new Ossa, following home Rogers and the experienced yet still youthfully flamboyant Rob Breakwell. Rob was out on a trials bike for the first time in ages and showed true grit and determination to sail the aging Gasser up the graded hill nearly as quick as he could come down it on his mountain bike.

On the Clubman course it was James Lamin visiting from Wales that took the spoils from Mr Throttle Control Nigel Tomkins. With No Clubman reaching the summit of the graded hill it demonstrated what a challenge it is. Section 12, observed by the very smartly dressed Brian Valder, took the marks on the Clubman route and saw no cleans all day. G Talbot and J Hoare showed what local talent we have coming through and took the A and B schoolboy classes respectively.

This trial is planned as a national event next year and the club was very pleased with the support of both officials, land owner, club members, observers and riders for this new date and would like to thank all involved.

A great turnout rewarded the club for their efforts at this challenging venue - not the place to lose your brakes! Tom Welch explains all: "Did you lose your brakes at the Glos and Cots Drake and Gibb Trial on Sunday 23rd Jan? Tim Rochfort remembers a Beta EVO rider complaining of no Brakes and when he was clearing up he found some brake parts. If it is you then contact him on 07973 911934."


This trial on January 23 was set to be a National but is now simply "Open". But it still promises to be a cracker of a trial for the more experienced riders amongst you. Regulations and entry form are on the Calendar.

Simon Welch has been marking and cutting out at the wood which borders Wales, and reports: "We have a mega new graded hill that could become a legend within the centre - fair shout to anyone that gets up it in wet conditions.

"We also have a couple more new sections and the trial promises to be a good old fashioned trial. A chance for all clases to wind open that throttle and get on the main jet (nothing stupid though)".

And it's not too late to enter - entries will be taken on the day. [on 21Dec10]