GC Smith Trial, 16 May 2010


Gloucester and Cotswold's Smith Trial fell foul of the weather in March - then when it finally ran, entries were a little low. Mike Clarke has a few theories and exhorts riders to try out the venue known as "Sam's Wood" near Monmouth.

Over to you Mike:

"I would like to comment on the G&C trial held today at Monmouth. Firstly what a fantastic event, for me the best trial i've ridden in all year. Very good traditional type sections, with plenty to get your teeth into. Nothing to tight, and nothing dangerous at all! And it makes a refreshing change that a good spread of marks were taken, not just single figures on the clubman route. The biggest disapointment was the entry, just in the mid 30's. Where were all the riders, are you scared to ride somewhere you might have to put your feet down!? You missed a great trial at one of the best venues in the centre! But I suppose it's easier to ride the same old thing and keep your feet up. You know who you are! Try supporting your centre clubs." Mike Clarke


Scanning through the results, it's clear Henry Bendall made an easy switch from Montesa 4 stroke to Sherco 2 stroke power, as he finished just ahead of Barry Husband...All the experts were outshone by a certain C Evans who we are no doubt going to hear a lot more of...All four Clubman/Expert riders deserve a medal for sticking at it...Michael Hughes and Andy Ridley battled it out for top spot in the Clubman class, with Mike Clarke heading Centre Clubman champ, and LDT convert Glyn Smith...Fresh from chasing Henry around the SSDT, his dad Alf and Peter Hughes were separated by a handful of marks...and further down the field, the longest running grudge match in the West Glos club continued, with Merv Morgan pipping Steve Cooper by three marks.