Wye Valley Auto Club Classic Trial Rnd 4 13th August 2006

report by Chris Gardiner - Full Results

Chris Gardiner sent us this update to the report, now corrected. ed.

Any praise I have received for my write up on the WVAC classic trial is sadly short lived as I have just read it again and, shock-horror, the House of Sanders has been thrown in to chaos!

My non deliberate mistake this time, was to substitute the name "Dan" for "John" (Sanders) in the report, not only taking away the laurels from John Sanders, but also giving rise to possible concern among the "authorities" as Dan Sanders was in fact Clerk of the Course and couldn't ride anyway!

Apologies to both, no harm done I hope.

Round 4 of the Wye Valley auto Club's Classic Trials series took place at Lodge Wood Dulas on August 13th.. The additional classes for over 40 and over 50 riders on modern bikes again proved popular giving the entry a varied mixture of old and new machinery. Slimline 06 Betas stood next to what looked like, in comparison , fat Yamaha ty monos while Montesa RT's and Matchless G3's shared the same tree in the woods as a makeshift side stand. A pause to compare revealed how far the trials bike has developed over the years!

Riders proceeded to walk the sections, sharing jokes and exchanging ideas whilst performing the infamous rock levelling foot shuffle. (Yes, we all do it!) . A good social atmosphere usually makes for a good days sport and this event was no exception. Competitors of all ages and ability -and in this case bikes of all ages and ability- mingled in the Sunday morning sunshine. Old, new, ancient , modern, novice, expert,- call it what you like-, this was what it was all about. Trials. Ever since some person a long time ago sawed his mudguards off , bought an ex-army greatcoat and put his cap on backwards, men have been having fun in the woods.

Ten sections four times round set a varied challenge of mud, rocks, cambers and climbs, each section being totally different from the last time the venue was used, with some new sections thrown in for good measure. Interesting to note that the section that took the most marks was section 7, the one with the big rock step, and the section that took the least marks was section 10 that also had a rock step but admittedly not so big!

On the standard route honours go to Nic Draper and Brett King, a/c mono and over 40 class respectively, both riders cleaning every section every time for a perfect zero.

Nic admitted that he has "several" bikes but his wife thinks he only has one. The trick is to paint them all in the same colour scheme and she only ever gets to see one at a time……….

Best over 50 on the standard route was Dai Clothier with a dab on section 2 and 9 for a total of only 2 marks lost giving him third place overall. Martin Goodall hit fourth spot on a commendable 5, while Nibbs Adams left the trail bikes at home and rode his GasGas trials for a respectable 9 marks lost.

Mixed fortunes on the alternative route as usual, breakdowns and breakages thinning the field a little but fortunately no sad faces. Brian Hyett, Malcolm Herbert, Mark Wales and Richard Watkins share the commiserations cup this time out.

Top man on the alternative route was John Sanders riding a very tidy Fantic in the air cooled mono class, losing only 2 marks on separate occasions in section 7. Next best was Clive Smith in the over 40 class on 5 lost riding a 250 Beta. Jon Bliss just squeezed in to single figures on 9 to take third overall and best twinshock of the day.

First in the British pre-unit class was Rob Halliday on his 350 Royal Enfield with a very good 15, section 7 once again taking the biggest toll of his points.

The British unit construction class was once again "Triumphed" by a Tiger Cub,this time ably piloted by John Hartley for 22 marks lost, only the rocks of sections 7 and 8 giving him any real problems. Wilf Couldwell matched the score of 22 in the over 50's to win his class, again the long rocky section 8 clocking up the points. Gerald Douglas won the British two stroke class with 40,coming all the way from Coventry to take part, just squeezing out local rider Nic Watson on 41.

Thank you to all helpers and especially observers, your services are most appreciated.

Congratulations to all riders that took part, especially those on classic bikes. One or two sections proved to be a little difficult for the older machinery but in the true spirit of the sport everyone kept going and "had a go" - well done! It is just possible that for some the trial took on an old turn - ride to see how many marks you can save……………