Wye Valley Auto Club Classic Trial Rnd 2 30th April 2006

report by Chris Gardiner - Full Results (UPDATED now with added Class Key)

Round 2 of the Wye Valley AC Classic Trials series took place at Lodge Wood Dulas Herefordshire on 30th April. New venues always attract a good turnout but an unprecedented entry of 63 raised a few eyebrows, signalling maybe a growing trend towards this type of event. Riders travelled from as far away as Coventry in the north to Petersfield, Hampshire in the south to take part, and the long journeys left no disappointment as there was a definite buzz that this was one of the best venues some had been to.

Section one was a good "warm-up" with a blast up and down the bank and a bit of off-camber, while section two was totally different, presenting competitors with a long deep narrow ditch, which demanded good balance and precise turns. Three saw riders negotiate a steep gully with a few lumps of rock half way up- just to make it "interesting", and then in to the stream for sections four, five, and six. Four was a cracking section of about 20 yards negotiating rocks at all angles ,nothing very big to get over, but none pointing the "right" way, and the fact that there were quite a few of them meant you had to be pretty sharp all the way, especially as you headed for the "grande finale", the three foot slab to get out! This was probably the most popular section of the day, for both riders and spectators. Five and six followed on up the stream, six having a very challenging 8 foot double rock slab with a torrent of water running over it, and a short steep bank to end. On to section seven, a 50 yard blast up a gully between the fir trees and then section eight, some tight turns and drop-offs among some old quarry workings. Section nine was similar but had some well planned tight turns, as well as sharp rises and drop-offs. It was this section that caught out quite a few at least once during the day, and credit is due to the handful that cleaned it four times. A long ride in the woods then followed down to section ten, a long section presenting off cambers, steep climbs and masses of loose earth and pine needles! And so it was back to section one.

Nick Draper took the honours on the standard route losing 3 marks on the slab in section 4, and a dab in section 3 to finish on a total of 4.

Tim Wheeler , on a well prepared Yamaha twin-shock special just missed out on a score of 5, suffering the most of his misfortune in the fir trees at section 7.

Over 40 and 50 "top dogs" on the standard route, were M. Hawkins and D Clothier respectively.

The alternative route was eagerly contested by 35 riders, Brian Hyett taking the Bantam around for a creditable 24 marks lost and winning the British two stroke class. Mark Evans, twin shock class, had a brilliant ride cleaning sections five six and seven on every occasion to finish on 25, having the edge on his rivals (and mates!)Alan Gould and Kevin Pettit, beaten in to second and third spot respectively. Class F, air cooled mono, was this time won by John Sanders who, due to carburettor problems, had to employ the tactic of turning the petrol off before entering the section to stop the bike flooding up. Methinks the man would be dangerous if the bike was running properly! Commiserations to Andy Carter who had "one of those days" and Adrian Scrivens who got his foot stuck between a rock and a hard place, both men retiring gracefully from the proceedings.

The next event at this new venue will be on July 16th for "modern" bikes. The next round of the Classic series will be at Cwmsirhwy Wood Clyro on June 25th.