Wye Valley Auto Club Classic Trial Rnd1 5 Mar 2006

report by Chris Gardiner
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Round 1 of the Wye Valley AC Classic trials series took place at Bowley Court Bodenham on Sunday March 5th.

The previous week had seen snow and bitter cold weather, but blessed with warm sunshine on the Sunday morning the event promised to be a good 'un from the start- and indeed it was. BSA's, Triumph's, Yamaha's, Bultaco's, Honda's and Montesa's, to name but a few, lined up for the start, eager for what lay ahead.

It was obvious that Clerk of the Course Andy Pitt and his working party had been busy the last couple of weekends, (thank you, working party), with the entry being presented with ten sections over four laps and a choice of three routes. No two sections were similar, being as diverse as a long weaving off-camber hill section over loose pine needles and roots in section nine, and a stream section through gushing water with hidden obstacles and a rocky climb out for section six. It was this particular section, at the base of the waterfall ,that caught everyone out at least once on the standard route , and cost overall winner Steve Anderson 3 of his 6 marks lost. Dan Sanders was best in his class through section six, dropping only 1, and if not for an unfortunate 5 on section ten early on, would have taken the overall win, but ended up in double figures on 10. Jim Pickering was best man in the British two-stroke class and took his Bantam around the hardest route to finish on 19, mirrored by Nick Watson winning the same class on the alternative route on his Bantam with 34. A good day for Bantams, it would seem!

The alternative route was hotly contested and because it had been deliberately marked out to cater for the ability of the machine as well as the rider, looked deceptively easy in places. Not so. Yes, a clean sheet was possible, but drop your guard and the well polished Herefordshire clay would encourage your boot to reach for the ground, and if you weren't quick enough with the dab, the other boot as well! Andy Carter was sailing round on the Bultaco until a lack of grip coming out of section five cost him 2 dabs, and a further dab on the clay in section nine cost him another for 3 overall, testimony to the slippery clay!

In the British pre-unit class, Julian Bishop - 350 Enfield- was well on form, only the muddy turn and the slippery exit to section seven causing a problem twice, plus a dab on section ten for a total of 3 marks lost- a score which won the pre-unit class and was also, incidentally , the best overall score for a British bike on the "A" route.

Not enough space to mention everyone, so well done to all that took part, whether in the results or not, and our special thank you to the observers and of course the landowner for use of the venue. The next round of the series is on April 30th at Lodge Wood, Dulas , which is just off the A465 near Pontrilas. Don't miss this one, it's a completely new venue and again will have a good variety of sections. Just to whet your appetite it is a thirty acre wood on a hill with a stream running through it. See you there!