The Brian Valder Memorial & Charity Trial

Previous Winners

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2023Kurt Brain Results, More/Videos/Statistics
2021Simon WelchResults, Report/Pics/Videos, Statistics
2019Tom MossResults
2018Tom CullifordAwards, Results.

About the Trial

The Brian Valder Memorial and Charity Trial is an ACU Western Organised Event. That means this event is put on by all the clubs in our centre. Marshals and officials and course prep team can and do volunteer from all clubs.

2018 was the inaugural run of the Centre run Brian Valder Memorial Trial. Deemed a success by both riders and organisers, and no doubt the charities that benefited from around £1000 raised, I believe.

The event is run in memory of lifelong rider and official of ACU South Midland and ACU Western, Brian Valder. Rain or shine he supported events almost every weekend as an official and this event is being organised across ACU Western's Active clubs in tribute to his efforts. Memorial trophies will be presented. More about Brian on his tribute page.

The Charities - We know that Brian would appreciate that this trial is run as a charity event and all proceeds from this event will currently go to: The ACU Benevolent Fund, which does great work helping injured riders and organisers. Air Ambulance have also benefitted in previous events.

The Annual Premier award

The Replica award that winners get to keep.

Having Brian on all of the Observer's boards will make sure he can still keep an eye on you all so keep your feet up!

The venue has mostly all weather parking and the sections are entertaining in the dry and the wet, so it shouldn't need to be called off for that.