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Previous Championship Winners.

Centre Trials Honours Board
Year (Full)OpenOver 40Over 60Youth AYouth BYouth CYouth DYouth ELadiesT/ShockPr65
2016Simon Welch Matthew Hanney Steve Venn Hugh Benson Harry Jefferies Fin Kettle Fred Bishop Harry Bishop Victoria Payne Nick Draper John Jacka
Year (Full)OpenOver 40Over 50Over 60Youth AYouth BLadiesT/ShockPr65
2015Simon Welch Phill Gardner Andy Ridley Phil Marsh Tom Culliford Hugh Benson Victoria Payne Michael Ell David Eeles
Year (Full)OpenOver 40Over 50Over 60Youth AYouth BPr 65
2014Simon Welch Phill Gardner Steve Limb Phil Marsh Tom Culliford Callum Colbourne David Eeles
Year (Full)OpenOver 40Over 50Over 60Youth AYouth B
2013Simon Welch Ian Thompson Andy Ridley Phil Marsh James Colbourne Callum Colbourne
Year (Full)Standard routeIntermediateNoviceYouth AYouth B
2012Simon WelchNathan PekalaMark TalbotJake Hoare
2011Simon WelchNathan PekalaNick TomsJake Hoare
2010Henry BendallNathan PekalaNick TomsJo FletcherJake Hoare
2009Simon WelchTom HinckleyGlyn SmithNathan PekalaOliver Pekala
2008Simon WelchBrett KingGlyn SmithNathan PekalaWill King
2007Simon WelchIan BridsonNigel TomkinsMatthew ChristopherChris Wickham
2006Simon Welch
2005Simon WelchNigel TomkinsRyan PekalaHenry BendallMatthew Christopher
2004Simon WelchNigel TomkinsRyan PekalaChris BondBen Bowkett
2003Steve WorkmanRobin ChristopherJames Welch Henry Bendall
2002Steve WorkmanG.AllenM.JohnsonCraig Talbot
2000Steve WorkmanPete HughesDavid WathenDavid Luff
1999Barry HusbandDavid MorrisJohn Luff DavidLuff
1998Dan SandersRay PekalaSimon WelchDavid Wathen
1997Dan SandersL.FowlerScott Brown
1996Steve Workman
1995Steve Workman
1994Steve Workman
1993Steve Workman
1992Nick Draper
1991Sam King
1990Rick Ferrier
1989Sam King
1988Nick Draper
1987Nick Draper
1986Nick Draper
1985Mark Kemp
1984Mark Kemp
1983Mark Kemp
1982Steve Saunders
1981Steve Saunders
1980Mark Kemp
1979Nick Draper