ACU Western 2022 Trials Championship

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Update Jan2021: The decision was made to try running the Championship for 2022. The first round has happened and the 2nd round's entries opened and filled up extremely fast. Current points are shown below. Remember, restrictions may cause some problems along the way so we may all need to be flexible with rounds being cancelled or changed etc. Read on for more info.

The 2022 Awards presentation will be announced nearer the end of the year.

Other Year's Championship Winners (On the Trials page)

This year's championship will be very similar to previous years but with notable changes such as; A few events may not have a route for every championship class. These will be taken into account with possible Sports, Sports Plus and Over 50's doing less Rounds. The Youth A, B and some C contenders will be able to ride most of the same rounds as the adults using their chosen routes. The D, E and some of the C Youth riders will be able to ride more suitable alternative events with choices of conducted route where club's are able to run them. Plan your year ahead with our Provisional Rounds List.

Table of Current Championship Points

A Printable version of the Points Standing is linked here. (You could download the PDF file to browse offline to save wasting paper, ink and our planet! instead of printing.) Or click on your chosen class on the grey bars below.

You will see some added Notes in the table for some Contenders - Here is a key to the notes:

Click the class bars below to see the full listing.

Rider1234567TotBest 6 TotPosAvgNotes
Kurt Brain20       20 20020
Simon Welch17       17 17017
Lee Hassall15       15 15015
Steven Harris13       13 13013
Jason Galvin11       11 11011
Gareth Talbot10       10 10010
Ben Toms9       9 909
Brett Harbud8       8 808
Finley Belcher7       7 707
Craig Talbot6       6 606
Matthew Welch5       5 505
James Grist4       4 404
Martin Podesta3       3 303
Nathan Pekala2       2 202
Tom Hinckley1       1 101
Rider1234567TotBest 6 TotPosAvgNotes
Ian Fortune20       20 20020
Dan Sanders17       17 17017
Tony Hewitt15       15 15015
Paul Bennett13       13 13013
Jon Bees11       11 11011
Julian Collins10       10 10010
Richard Jenkins9       9 909
Darren Butcher8       8 808
Ryan Woodward7       7 707
Victoria Payne6       6 606
Richard Knott5       5 505
Daniel Cameron4       4 404
Hugh Benson3       3 303
Andy Hayward2       2 202
Alex Muirhead1       1 101
Rider1234567TotBest 6 TotPosAvgNotes
Philip Martin20       20 20020
Rob Faulkner17       17 17017
Roger Johns15       15 15015
Tim Wheeler13       13 13013
Mick Marshall11       11 11011
Richard Elliott10       10 10010
Stuart Belcher9       9 909
Brendan Griffiths8       8 808
Russell Benson7       7 707
Julian Page6       6 606
Anthony Griffiths5       5 505
Mark Talbot4       4 404
Tom Pike3       3 303
Dave Cottle2       2 202
Paul Pickup1       1 101
Rider1234567TotBest 6 TotPosAvgNotes
Jamie Laverton20       20 20020
Zed McMeekin17       17 17017
Fred Bishop15       15 15015
Joshua Bees13       13 13013

(This next set of rules needs updating in the light of Covid giving us a gap - more news when the Trials Committee have had a think!) As this is the fourth year with this set of rules there are implications for the 2019 and 2018 winners of each adult class. 2019 Winners must ride up a route if they are to gain points. The exceptions are, of course, Experts, who can't get any higher, and Over 50's who are allowed to remain on the Sports Plus route. Winners can stay on the same route but will be ineligible for points.

For more info contact the Trials recorder by email:

Main Championship Rounds

C/D/E Rounds

All rounds that were run at end of series less one to count. If a round is cancelled after rounds have been finalised then the championship will run all rounds run less one to count. Dates initially fixed in January, but if a round needs to be cancelled then it may be possible to run on a new date with adequate warning to contenders.

The Rules

The Routes and Classes

Note: Class Numbers - Some results sheets may be tight for space and classes may be abbreviated to the numbers declared on the entry form so here is a quick cross reference.

1 - Open, 2 - Over 50, 3 - Youth A, 4 - Youth B, 5 - Youth C, 6 - Youth D, 7 - Youth E.

Note: We have amended the explanatory table for where you can and can't score points for clarity. There is no real change as CofC's have always been able to identify routes suitable or unsuitable for some Youth groups.

Riders, look for class you want to/should ride in along the top of the columns
Championship Classes
Routes Exp C/E Clb S+ >50 Sp Y/A Y/B Y/C Y/D Y/E Notes
Expert x           x x       Experts can't exactly move up a route if they win!
Clubman/Expertoxn    xx    
Clubman oxn   xx    
Sports+  oxnxn xxx   
Sportsman   ooxnxxx   
Conducted Hard         xx Rounds to be identified with Regs.
Conducted Standard         xxRounds to be identified with Regs.
Key to codes: x Points can be gained in this combination (Youth riders may not be eligible for more difficult routes, Reg's will say. This is a CofC's choice.)
n No Points can be gained if you've been a winner of this class within previous 2 years (unless >50 as you don't have to move up a route!) You will get points for the next route if you move up a route, of course.
o Can ride this route for no points (Riding down a level while injured etc.)
info Points can be gained if riding up a route by choice as long as remain on that route all year - Or, Ride up a route for no points. (Possibly only the higher route's points should be allowed as otherwise could be pot-hunting!) Only one selected route eligible per year ie no dodging routes to cherry-pick.


Winners of a championship class will move up a route for the next year, or ride as no award for the next two years.

Method of Marking

The Championship will be held under TSR22B - Non Stop.

Championship Points

Championship points will be awarded to the top 15 eligible finishers in each class at each round on the following scale:

Should a Tie occur it is to be resolved in accordance with TSR23A. Riders who score points in one championship class shall not be eligible for points in another championship class.

Championship Ties.

Should a tie occur in a Championship series it shall be decided as follows: