ACU Western Clubman Trials Championship 2016

Following on from the successful Round 1 of the new 'Clubman' championship for the T/S, Pre65 and Schoolperson C, D and E further rounds have been confirmed and there is some exciting news!

The remaining round of the championship are as follows. Some of the venues may change.

Rd 2 - 5th June - CHG non expert trial

Rd 3 - 31st July YDS/WGDF trial - This is planned to be at the excellent Longtown venue and to form part of the training days on the Friday and Saturday open to adults and youth. Oh and it happens to be next to a good pub and campsite!!!!!

Rd 4 - 4th September - G&C Cotton trial and Longhope, Gloucestershire.

It was great to see little ones buzzing round on their Osets next to some slightly older men and women on some equally old machines. We'll run some championship standings soon.