Trials Class Changes for 2013

At the December board meeting, clubs voted to adopt a new format for the 2013 Western Centre Trials Championship.

Tom Welch's proposal is aimed at rewarding riders who "ride up" to their true class and those who are prepared to give the next class up a go if they are capable of it.

The championship will change from a route-orientated championship to a rider aged based championship.

Points for all classes shall be awarded on the basis that a rider finishing last on a harder route will score more points than a rider in the same class on an easier route.

Scoring for each class will be 15,12,10,8,6,4,3,2,1.

Classes will be:

Open Adult.

Open Over 40 (age on January 1).

Open Over 50 (age on January 1).

Open Over 60.

Youth A.

Youth B.

Youth C.

Youth D. [on 12Dec2]