Centre Trials Championship 2015

Current Standings at 6 Oct

Simon Welch is again leading the Western Centre Trials Championship with what looks like an unassailable lead, He currently has 2 chasers who are in a fight for 2nd, Kingswood's Kurt Brain who toppled Simon at the Stony Green round and Merthyr's Jason Galvin.

Phil Gardiner is showing his ex-Enduro rider's staying power and consistency leading the Over 40s but there is turbulence in the order of riders below him and anyone could bubble up a number of places. Andy Ridley is equally consistent holding a nice gap over the other Over 50 contenders.

Phil Marsh is looking safe as ever in the over 60s but if only Steve Venn could have settled on what bike to ride he could have put pressure on especially as the John Draper is on his home ground at Langley Hill.

Tom Culliford is having a good battle with Jacob Isaac in Youth A but Hugh Benson is way in front in Youth B after Harry Jefferies' mechanical at Stony.

Victoria Payne has a contender with Trudi finding form on the Jotagas in Ladies she'd better not miss a round now!

It is good to see some contenders in the Twinshock and Pre 65 classes. Michael Ell is campaigning a classic 280 SWM to the lead in Twinshock and Dave Eeles and Tim Wheeler share the lead in Pre 65 but injury may have a part to play in Dave not retaining his 2014 win.

Hot links to the rounds so far:

  1. GC's Smith
  2. Z1's Andy Bubb (Cancelled)
  3. Malvern's Bodenham
  4. WV's Stan Hinsley
  5. WG's Stony Green
  6. SV's Jack Woolridge
  7. CHG's John Draper (this weekend)