Open Trials Meeting, September 26, 2016

Around 20 riders and officials attended the meeting, which considered a number of issues. Any proposals made will have to be approved by a meeting of the ACU Western Board - which is made up of three voting representatives from each club in the centre. It was a productive meeting, conducted with the best of the sport at heart.

1. Centre Championships. Currently: Open, Over 40, Youth A and B, and separate rounds for C,D, and E, Over 60 and Pre 65. Proposed: Amalgamate Twinshock and Pre 65 in the separate rounds, reinstate Over 50 class in the main rounds. This went to the vote - 14-3 in favour.

2. Dates/Centre Championships. 8 rounds from 10 to count and not every club has to run 2 rounds.

3. National Trial. Simon Welch would like to run a National trial in the west of the county next year and will submit a national date. Off-road course would allow Youth A to ride. The initial proposal had the support of the four West Glos and Dean Forest MCC members in attendance.

4. Youth Development Squad. Now in its fifth year, it has more than 30 youngsters on the books this year and all sessions are at capacity or near to. The West Glos Stoney Green Trial in September saw an entry of 24 youth riders from a total of 73 entrants, an indication that the squad is doing what it intended. Sessions are free-of-charge to ACU Western residents. A £5 levy is being considered.

5. Observers. Getting enough observers is a problem for some clubs, who offer a small cash some to cover some expenses, or offer an incentive to riders to bring their own observer.

6. Stewards. Club stewards are not putting in reports on all events and only a few are acting as stewards - any Clerk of Course can steward and there is a £20 fee payable. Clubs are requested to ask Clerks of Course to act as stewards from time to time. Clubs are requested to ask CoC's to give their contact details to ACU Western Secretary Jennie Jones.

7. Standard of Trials. To continue to be a test of skill, not bravery.

8. TSR 22 - stop and no-stop. Non Centre Championship trials - clubs can run either stop or no-stop. The centre will follow the ACU's ruling on TSR 22 for national trials, for its centre championhip rounds.

9. Social - The final Youth Development Squad session of the year will be at Breakheart Quarry, nr Dursley. A presentation will follow after at a nearby pub and all are welcome - details to follow.