NO Stop for Centre Trials Championship 2013

At the December board meeting, there was a majority vote of clubs to run under no-stop rules for the 2013 Centre Championship. The Centre Championship has been run under no stop rules in 2012, in line with the ACU British Championship. For 2013, the Centre Championship was due to revert back to stop-allowed rules.

But after the delegates at the October Centre board meeting voted for a stop-allowed Centre Championship, the ACU announced that in 2013 there will be a no-stop British Championship (with a national mini-series of stop-allowed events) and youth and ladies championships will be no-stop too. To cap it all, the FIM has adopted the no-stop rule for 2013 as well.

With most major championships being organised on a no-stop basis next year, it appears no-stop is here to stay, and a majority of club delegates felt the Centre Championship should fall in to line with that.

There will be six championship rounds in 2013 and of course, outside of those rounds, clubs are welcome to use stop-allowed or no-stop rules. [on 12Dec2]