No Stop for Centre Championship 2012

As many will no doubt be aware, Centre Championship Trials will be run under "No Stop" rules this year. It follows a decision by the ACU, made with some of the bike importers - read more.

As advertised on this website ahead of the board meeting on Monday, December 12, the Board of the Western Centre ACU discussed what it meant for Centre Championship trials in this Centre and whether any changes would be necessary.

This meeting on a crucial decision attracted a wide representation of experienced organisers and riders from most clubs in the centre, and a well reasoned and constructive debate with views from all sides was had.

For more detail on the meeting, minutes are available from the club secretaries, and they have been circulated widely around the clubs.

The conclusion from the meeting was that Centre Championship Trials in 2012 will run under No Stop rules. However, organisers of all other trials will be free to decide what rules to run under, as they always have. Zona 1 MCC will withdraw from running a centre championship round, a decision respected by the Board.

There was concern expressed from most at a lack of consultation with the Centres from the ACU on this matter and this will be taken up with the ACU.

Since that meeting, Western Centre Board Chairman Tony Noel has spoken to John Collins, who chairs the ACU Trials and Enduro committee, about the new rules and John confirmed the following: The No Stop marking will only be used for the British Solo Championship There will be no changes to Youth or other championships.

He suggests that Sections should be set out for No Stop riding even if the marking is for allowing Stop riding. He accepts that the No Stop rules may cause problems for Observers and some younger riders will not like it.

His own Centre will not be using the Stop rules in 2012 to see how the new system works in practice.

Check out No Stop and Stop Allowed rules on page 195 of the 2012 ACU Handbook (your browser might tell you it's page 197. If you can't find it, press "Ctrl F" and search "TSR22"). [on 15Dec11]