G&C Youth Trials 2010

Right, our crocked centre champ Simon Welch has some more info about G&C Youth Trials - the first one is this Saturday, (July 3) running as part of the Whitaker Trial with a 4pm start time (apologies if time is a bit tight - your editor has been away riding his bike).

Over to Simon: "Over the next two events, 3rd July and Sunday 12th September, Gloucester and Cotswold Mc will be running a completely separate course for junior riders. The course is aimed at C and D class riders and will have two routes to cater for complete beginners (electric bikes are fine) and more experienced juniors (B class beginners are welcome). The course will be between 6-8 sections and easy for parents to follow round and the emphasis will be on good, safe fun. Course plotter, Simon Welch will be on hand all day to give advice a guidance an ensure all runs to plan. For further information see regs available or call Simon on 01594 544 186".

Regulations and Entry form on the Calendar

(Ed's note: Simon's typed this with one hand thanks to his shoulder injury - he thanks all the well wishers who spoke to him at the recent CHG trial. The op went well, though more damage to the cartilage and ligament was found than expected so the medics had to put in three pins front and bottom to make a more stable joint. Simon's fingers are crossed it will do the trick - look out in 2011!) [on 29Jun10]

It's a case of bad news - good news from G&C, with 6x Western Centre champ Simon Welch having to stop competing for now, due to a serious shoulder injury, which will keep him out for a wee while. But while he recovers from an operation to put it right, he won't be idly flicking through TMX. Oh no, the good news is that Youth Trials are planned for the summmer!

"We are planning to run achoolboy/girl trials alongside the G&C trials in the summer as an attempt to bring some new young blood into the sport, this should keep me busy and involved," says Simon, whose bike is for sale. Wye Valley AC and Gwent Schoolboy TC runs some very successful youth trials and more events to get youngsters involved can only be good for the future of the sport. And knowing Simon, who is a teacher by profession, these events should be very user friendly. Keep an eye on this website for more news on these events this summer. (And keep your feet up, Simon will be on observing duties for now). [on 31May10]