The Ron Carter Trophies Trial - June 8, 2008



Henry Bendall took one of three Ron Carter Trophies at Nympsfield on Sunday, topping the standard route on 16. John Luff lost 21 for second and brother David 28 for third. First Class awards went to Scott Thompson on 43 and Mark Thornhill on 46.

Stefan Walters won the Clubman 50/50 on 10, with Ben Toms on 24 and best youth A Alex Hall on 26. The second Ron Carter Trophy went to Alternative route winner Tim Wheeler on 5. svmc_roncarter_08_1_200x150Ryan Pekala lost 7 but did the sportsmanlike thing and rode for no award as he was running his new bike in. So second went to Andy Perry on 18. Best over 40 went to Robin Christopher on 28, the same as Andy Ridley who got a 1st class. Steve Venn (30) and Richard Fowler (31) also won 1st classes. Chris Wickham lost 48 for best youth.

Billy Andrews won the Easy Route RC Trophy on 3 and best youth in this category was svmc_roncarter_08_2_200x181Alex Muirhead on 24. The club will no doubt want to thank the landowner and the observers and of course Ron, for donating the trophies. The weather was kind and the event ran with a lot of smiles on everyone's faces - though that may have had something to do with watching the editor of this website have a crack at the alternative route!