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Nostalgia isn't what it used to be, some say, but here to prove that wrong is the new Archive section.

Whatever you've got that's Western Centre related from before this website was started in 2005 would be a welcome addition. Just email the Editor with your pictures and documents - or send him an email and he can arrange collection of paper documents.

1992: Gazette December 1992 [On: 5Apr15 20:01]

1990: Gazette July 1990 [On: 5Apr15 20:01]

1989: Gazette 1989 [On: 5Apr15 20:01]

1988: Andy Phillips' British Championship Double [On: 2Nov13 21:23]

1987: Wye Valley AC Trial - Ken Berry's video of a Craswall event, brought up to date by BVM Moto. [On: 10May 2020 21:25]

1987: Cheltenham Home Guard MCC Trial - Ken Berry's video of an Upper Hill Farm event, brought up to date by BVM Moto. [On: 10May 2020 21:25]

1985: European Grass Track Champion - Clayton Williams [On: 10May2020 21:56]


1984: Wye Valley Pudding Club - all for a good cause with Rob Taylor and Trevor Hunt (right click on document and rotate to view). [On: 16Oct13 23:59]

1983: Inter Centre Grasstrack victory - a memorable day for manager Bill North and all-star team. [On: 2Nov13 21:23]

1981: Cheltenham Home Guard MCC Grasstrack - YouTube video of CHG MCC's Grass Track - track is believed to be at Hazleton. [On: 8Feb2021 21:54]

1960s/70s: Malcolm Davis Remembered - a superstar of motocross and trials. [On: 16Oct13 23:59]

1960s: CHG, Upper Hill Farm photos [On: 12Apr15 22:54]

1963: Brian Valder's SSDT - a very tough year! [On: 16Oct13 23:59]

1961: Cirencester MC Trial Entry List - spot some local names. [On: 16Oct13 23:59]

1960s?: Cheltenham Motor Club Summer Trial Entry List - perhaps you can name the year. [On: 16Oct13 23:59]

1959: Cotswold Cups Trial Results - all the greats are here, with some local names too. [On: 16Oct13 23:59]

1950: Gloucester and Cotswold September Scramble, pt 1 [On: 12Apr15 22:54]

1950: Gloucester and Cotswold September Scramble, pt 2 [On: 12Apr15 22:54]

1950: Cheltenham Home Guard Churchdown Scramble [On: 12Apr15 22:54]

1950: Cheltenham Home Guard Prestbury Scramble [On: 12Apr15 22:54]

1950: Cheltenham Motor Club Crickley Hill Scramble [On: 12Apr15 22:54]

1949: Cheltenham Home Guard Churchdown Scramble [On: 12Apr15 22:54]

1930s - 1990s: Cotton Trophy, Cotswold Cups Trial [On: 19Mar16 19:36]

1923-73: Wessex/Western Centre ACU history - found by Bob Miles. [On: 16Oct13 23:59]

1920s on: Baughan Cyclecars and Motorcycles - bikes made in Stroud, by a remarkable chap who was a key organiser of events including the ISDT. [On: 16Oct13 23:59]

Trials Centre Champs 2012 - what's changed

With round 1 under our belts, it's as good a time as any to run through a few changes for the 2012 Centre Trials Championship. Riders can drop 2 of a minimum of 8 rounds and scoring to change to 15 down to 1 for the top 10 - Read More. And of course, it's a "No Stop" series. More on that here. [on 6Feb12]

Paul Fry

Sad news - Grasstrack and Speedway star Paul Fry has died. He was 45. His passing will sadden many in the Western Centre, where he was born, bred, and raced very successfully. A comprehensive rundown of his illustrious career is on the Swindon Robins Speedway site, and more information can be found on the BBC. Many will have a favourite "Fryer" moment on and off the track, over a career which began in the 1980s. We extend our sincere condolences to his family. [on 5Apr10]

Brian Lethbridge

Sad news: Brian Lethbridge has died at the age of 72. Brian was a one-off who will be very much missed and we send our sincere condolences to his family. He was an expert on Triumphs and won one of the first Sammy Miller series titles aboard an outfit. Brian's funeral was held at noon on Monday, June 22 at Cheltenham Crematorium.

Many Western Centre faces, past and present turned out to support Brian's family. In an excellent and well-researched eulogy, Centre chairman Tony Noel took the congregation back to when he and Brian met, in the early 50s as schoolboys at the grammar. Brian and he both lived in Prestbury, and were attracted by the sound of scrambles motorcycles up at Draper's Farm. Tony explained that they soon joined up with the Cheltenham Home Guard, as membership ensured free entry to the scramble!

All manner of machines were altered for off-road use but Brian really found his metier with Triumphs - the only machine he said he really understood. He excelled with sidecars but most of all he was a man of generous spirit, humour, and forthright opinion. He also wrote the definitive article on the great John Draper's life, published in Classic Motorcycle. He will be very much missed but not forgotten. A superb picture, which sums up Brian will is on the West Glos site. [on 22Jun09]

Ray Gerring

News has reached us of the sad death of Ray Gerring. Ray was very well known and liked in the Western Centre and only last week was enjoying a day out at an Oxford Ixion Trial. You can read a little more about Ray on the West Glos site. The funeral will take place at the Oxford Crematorium on Friday 20th March at 12.45pm and Ray's son Harry says "Everyone that knew our dad and is able to join our dad on his final journey from our home would be greatly appreciated. He will be leaving our home address at 12.10pm". The funeral will be followed by a send-off at the Cumnor Cricket Club. Everyone will be made welcome. [on 15Mar09]

Rachel Clarke Wins Observer's championship

Rachel Clarke has won the 2008 Centre Observers championship prize of £50 by observing more Championship rounds than anyone else. It is always a pleasure to see Rachel's smiling face, and she is always a willing "volunteer”. I am sure all the COC's, and riders, will join me in saying a big "Thank you”. Tom Welch (Trials recorder) [on 6Jan09]